Stunningly wild

“Wow, just wow.” We stared up at the trees standing off the steeply twisting trail ahead. We knew these were redwoods, but they looked more like fantastical creatures from a J.R.R. Tolkien tale than the monolithic giants we were used to seeing in the forests around Mendocino…

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Half a day in the Anderson Valley

A few months ago, we had an amazing day meandering our way down the Anderson Valley, and it was so lovely that we’ve been dreaming about doing it again for quite a while now. At last, just this past week, we had half a day free, and we said, “Quick, let’s go!”

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Drink, FoodLaura Hockett
The Brickery at Café Beaujolais

For about a year now, we’ve been hearing glowing reviews of the pizza that Café Beaujolais started making last May at their Brickery. “Creative!” “Delicious!” “You’ve GOT to try it out.” And finally, this past weekend, we did just that…

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FoodLaura Hockett
A sunny summer lunch

…out on the sheltered back deck of the Noyo Harbor Inn, all we got was a gentle breeze ruffling our hair as the sunshine warmed our backs and the Noyo River rolled quietly by...

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Laura Hockett