An evening stroll

The best sunset walk, straight from the inn!

Trail sign at the inn

 A few weeks ago, we talked about a few of our favorite places to view the sunset, and while those we mentioned are still right at the top of our list, we’ve decided we need to share another option. Why the retroactive addition to an already nearly perfect list? Well, we went for this walk…

 We clocked off from our duties one evening, intent on stretching our legs. We put on our walking shoes and said adieu to the guests enjoying that night’s delectable Wine Hour spread. The weather was too fine for us to want to get in the car, so rather than drive to one of the state parks nearby, we walked to the end of the parking lot and ducked down the little trail leading into some of our trees. We meandered along the short path, threading through ferns, cypress, and other native flora as we gratefully sniffed in that hearty smell of damp earth and growing green things.

 The natural wetlands habitat at the bottom of the walk down the bluff had not yet been replenished by the season’s rains, so we were able to explore around the ponds that play a vital part in the inn’s participation in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. Then a hop, skip, and a jump across sleepy Highway 1, and we started down what is sometimes called Brewery Gulch Road. Not connected with the inn at all except in our mutual use of the historically significant name, this offshoot of road used to be part of Highway One back in the day. Now, it is a super quiet little stretch of pavement with a few cozy private homes and almost no cars ever.

 We took in big gulps of the cool evening air, and the ocean breeze fanning our faces felt better than ever after a day running around indoors. As we rounded the first corner of that quiet road and started down a big hill, we had to pause mid-step to gaze at the sweeping vista spread out before us – the swelling ocean waves to our left, and the cliffs of Mendocino village rising above Mendocino Bay in front. It was marvelous, especially in that golden sunset glow that makes everything look that much more magical.

 Once at the bottom of the hill, we followed a beautifully maintained path out onto the headlands directly overlooking the bay. We sat for minute on an oversized wooden bench to take in the twinkling lights of Mendocino, the horizon slowly dimming down towards night. We would have stayed out there longer to simply enjoy the peace of it, but the quickly cooling air was sending our hands deeper into our pockets and making us wish we had brought warm hats, so we turned around and headed back.

 We quickly warmed up as we went back up the hill, and by the time we reached the inn’s parking lot once again, we had logged 2 miles and felt ready for 5 more! …or maybe just dinner and bed time

Evening view of Mendocino

Written by Laura Hockett

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