Storm Chasers

Some of us just love a good storm

Stormy waters off Mendocino coast

Anyone remember that classic film from the 90’s, Twister? Or does anyone watch that TV series Storm Chasers? How about those out there that harbor a secret delight in hanging out in the middle of a true thunderstorm and letting their senses be flooded with the sheer power of nature? It’s alright, you can open up and share your inner longing with the world, because we have to admit, we’re with you!

 We positively LOVE being up here in rugged Mendocino when the wind starts to howl and the clouds get particularly thunderous. We even have several like-minded guests that make a point of coming each year during the stormiest part of the season.

Owner Guy Pacurar remembers the first storm he witnessed after buying the inn in late 2007. By this time, it was true storm season in early 2008. The inn was completely full. All the roads in and out of Mendocino were closed for three days. At the height of the storm, the power went out, although our backup generator kept things running smoothly inside. The chef whipped up a fresh pot of soup and toasty hot chocolate that everyone – staff and guests alike – savored sip by cozy, steaming sip while watching leaves and branches blow by outside the towering double French doors and flanking windows in the Great Room. The real show stopper for Guy though was the watery battle being waged in Smuggler’s Cove down below the inn’s bluff-top perch – the waves were positively exploding against the surrounding cliffs. Guy (originally from San Diego, where the rain just occasionally sort of leaks from the sky) remembers thinking: “This, this is REAL rain. This is ‘Hand of God’ weather.”

Written by Laura Hockett

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